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15 Well Known Young Adult Reader Types

The young adult reader is different from other genre readers. These YA fiction lovers are determined to get lost in a great story. They will find any way possible to get just one more page read!

  1. The Introvert with a love of warm and cozy rooms. In real life they often try to hide from the people they love to read about. – Source: David R. Bernstein
  2. The mommy hiding in the bathroom with the door locked – Source: PD Workman
  3. The weekend trilogy/series reader: puts on favorite flannel PJs, gets comfy, and does not sleep or see the light of day until done with the whole series. Their friends may think they died and go check on them before they get done. – Source: Eli Larreau
  4. The fitness reader, listening to audiobooks while walking, riding, biking, or pursuing other means of exercise. – Source: PD Workman
  5. The Bed-Reader: so as to not disturb significant other, will hide under covers at 3 a.m. and resort to using light from phone to finish that un-put-downable book, no matter how tired and bloodshot the eyes. – Source: J. Keller Ford
  6. The party-reader: finds herself wishing she was reading a good book instead of listening to the crowd, a crowd she desperately wants to be a part of, and knows if she was reading the book, she’d say the right thing if they asked. – Source: Azalea Dabill
  7. The non-stop reader: reads during class, on the bus, every chance he or she can. – Source: Nicole Zoltack
  8. The ‘I know you said something an hour ago and I said yes, but what did you say again’ reader: lives life to the full, only if it’s between the covers of a book. Source: Jaime Munn
  9. The Series Addict: Binge reads every book available, and then goes crazy until the next one is out. When it is out, nothing gets in their way until they finish it. – Source: Jennifer Falls
  10. The ‘I’m sorry, I have to cancel coming out tonight because I’m ill’ (truth: I really need to finish this book) reader. – Source: Jill Turner
  11. The Get Out Of My Way, I’m Reading Reader who walks around the house holding the book or e-reader too engrossed to look up. – Source: Jennifer Falls
  12. The I Forgot To Eat This Book Is So Good Reader. – Source: Jennifer Falls
  13. The One More Reader. One more page, one more chapter, one more book by same author. – Source: Jennifer Falls
  14. The Outdoors Reader: Can be found in all kinds of places. In a tree, on the beach, perched on a rock wall, out camping, by a lake. But no matter where you find them, they’re always reading a book, the scenery between the pages far more vivid than the one surrounding them. – Source: Avril Sabine
  15. The Teen reader on Wattpad during math class. – Source: PD Workman

Know of any other young adult readers types not listed above? Please let us know in the comments below!




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