YA tropes that drive us crazy
17 Signs You’re a YA Protagonist

You’re probably a YA protagonist if…

  1. You’re female. (Sorry guys – you’re probably a complicated love interest.)
  2. All the adults in your life are useless, cryptic and/or evil.
  3. You survived three life threatening situations before breakfast.
  4. You can go a whole day-long battle without needing the bathroom once.
  5. One of the guys in your love triangle is frequently and inexplicably shirtless.
  6. People are obsessed with your blood.
  7. Your eyes flash, and no one finds this disturbing.
  8. Your week starts with vampires and ends with a war against the System.
  9. Your school offers magic classes but never teaches you to read and write.
  10. You frequently wake up in a daze.
  11. You’ve discovered you’re actually half-human, half-mythological creature and are taking it in your stride.
  12. A Resistance made you their leader, no experience necessary.
  13. A disembodied voice describes your (green) eye colour whenever you look in a mirror.
  14. You just released a breath you didn’t even know you were holding.
  15. There’s always someone around to heal your otherwise life threatening wounds. You may or may not remember you have scars.
  16. You have so many decisions. Life or death. Freedom or control. This handsome guy or that handsome guy.
  17. Your life is segmented perfectly into a trilogy.

So, are you a YA protagonist?

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