5 Fan Art Pieces Keeping Harry Potter Alive

Lights! Camera! Watercolors!

It’s no mystery that fan art has been super popular within the past few years, especially with websites like deviantart out there to help fans share their own slice of colorful magic with the entire internet. But some people just have a gift for capturing not only what made us love fandoms like Harry Potter to begin with, but enrich the experience now that the 7th book and the 8th movie is finally done.

So let’s take a look at five pieces that help Harry and the gang stay as alive and mischievous as ever!

1) Beyonce Potter 

HP 1

Nothing like Harry Potter characters dancing to Beyoncé to remind us the Wizarding World must be face-palming or getting’ low with all the same hits. That’s definitely a new kind of magic!

2) Deleted Scene

HP 2

This picture could have been taken straight out of one of the movie’s bonus disk scenes! Something about it captures the characters in mid-flight, with each fan’s favorite doing something that makes you say, “That is so Harry/Hermoine/Siruis.” Though I got to say Ron seriously needs a new hairstylist–no offense, Mrs. Weasley.

3) Friends Forever

HP 3

Fanart is definitely not limited to 2-D art, and this Deviantart member sure likes to show that off. This adorable set works best for the hard-core collector who’s run out of robes, wands, and DVD special editions. What better way to keep Harry alive than in your room? Where he can’t leave. EVER.

4) How It Should Have Ended

HP 4

A little fan fiction never hurt anyone–unless you’re Malfoy. Or, actually a lot of characters. Okay, strike that last bit, but it’s true that nothing keeps a book canon alive like fans rewriting history. And let’s admit it–who wouldn’t love to see this remake?

5) Communication Issues

HP 5

If there’s anything the end of a series gives us, it’s perspective. It’s one of the things we can debate long after the choices have been made, and few people highlight the hilarious coincidences of a story that fan artists.


If you liked these entries, head over to these wonderful and hilarious artists’ accounts on deviantart by clicking the pictures above. Have other favorites? Let us know in the comments! And most importantly, just remember exactly how important fanart–and yes, even fanfiction–is to keeping our favorite books with us forever.

Stay tuned for more Top 10 lists about novels, indie authors, and other mouth-watering media!


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