What’s the hardest part of writing YA fiction?

Trying to make sure the content is relevant and at the right level. Every teenager/Young adult is different so what will appeal to one, won’t to others. Trying to decide can be a bit of a nightmare, so I go with my instinct and then ask my kids, knowing not everyone will like it.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

There was no exact moment. I wrote a picture book story and had that published, and then found myself writing more and more, and for older audiences. Now it isn’t often that I’m without a story on the go.

Have you found any clever ways to market your books to YA readers?


Sadly not. I’m plugging away but if I ever find one I’ll be sure to share it with my fellow authors.

What YA books have had the greatest influence on your writing?

I read a lot of YA, from indie authors to traditional ‘big names’. Every one has something to offer. I love Kristin Cashore’s Graceling series, also Kate Lauren Fallen series.

Short Author Bio: Marie Godley resides in Christchurch, Dorset with her family. Luckily enough to live in a town with historical buildings to roam around, as well as having the sea and the New Forest National Park nearby, she has plenty to do when taking a break from writing. For more information, to get in touch with her, or find out how to follow her on social media sites, visit her website www.mariegodley.moonfruit.com



Janalya is an air elemental. She has spent years of isolation searching for others of her kind. Now, she is beginning to get weary of her own company, and hiding from the Shatara, and longs for home.
Katsuo is a shape shifting panther. Along with his rogue Shatara pack, he is searching too – for elementals. He finds Janalya.
History decrees that they are enemies. Are they going to prove it wrong or could this be a deadly encounter?
Join Janalya on her journey as she fights witches, saves elves, and finds out what her true destiny is.
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