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Thank you to the publisher for a review copy of this book. Fans of Kagawa’s Iron Fey rejoice, The Other Inheritance is a fresh and riveting take on faeries.


The first part of the novel takes place in the real world—the Real—and the second part in the Other. Reggie (whose name I have to admit I had trouble with during the entire book as I consider it totally masculine…don’t ask me why) is a courageous and loving heroine. Her relationship with her parents is sweet and thoughtful, as for her relationship with Asher, it’s definitely one of the pillars of this book. He is a swoon-worthy hero, all at once good and a little bad. The one character I wasn’t a fan of was Reggie’s best friend John who felt flat and a bit unnecessary to the story.


The book is told from various points of view, and while I enjoy this technique in mysteries, I am not a huge fan of it in paranormal romance or urban fantasies. Jaycox did a good job of keeping each voice distinct, but still, I would have preferred to stay with Reggie as it was her story and her inner thoughts that I found most intriguing.


All in all, it was solid read with great world building, which I can whole-heartedly recommend to people who enjoy faerie fantasy.

The Other Inheritance (The Inheritance Series Book 1)

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