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Top 50 Influencers In Young Adult Fiction & Fandom – February 2016

Ranking Bloggers & Booktubers that Give YA Books/Authors the Most Exposure

Fans of YA fiction are known for their passion and dedication. Whether they are gobbling up every new social media experience or plowing through hundreds of books a year. These young adults just can’t get enough. There’s no bigger genre or subculture that has shown to have a bigger influence on their peers like fans of young adult fiction.

Authors of YA books should be aware of this massive movement on the internet as well. Connecting with these super fans can open the door to huge numbers of potential readers waiting to devour your fiction. I have gathered, analyzed, and sorted what I feel are the top 50 most influential blogs and booktubers out there.

How The Scoring Works:

To get a total score out of 50 these 3 factors were totaled up. It was not an exact science, but the process will be refined with updated rankings over time.

  • Social Score: This represent their social media following. Including Twitter followers vs. following ratios, Facebook fans, Instagram followers, Goodreads followers as well as some Youtube metrics.
  • BookTuber Score: This score represents the subscribers and page views for their channel. Quality and relevance played a factor too.
  • Site Influence: This measures their blog/site for number of pages indexed in google. The more pages they have in google, means the more potential exposure they can reach with search. Quality and relevance with pages is a factor as well as overall site usability.
  • Reader Focus: This measures how well the site is focused on the reader or young adult fan. If the site or youtube channel talks about other things not relevant to the YA fan, then that will affect this score.

Let’s get to the list.

NOTE: Think your young adult themed blog or booktube channel should be on the list? Comment below and we will check them out.

How authors might use this list?

  • Make connections with these sites/booktubers for potential review opportunities.
  • Let them know of your giveaways.
  • Be a source of information for them. Let them know of YA news and interesting happenings. Build a relationship that can help expose your books in time.
  • Ask to be interviewed.

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