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23 Funny and Amazing Quotes From YA Authors and Their Books!

It goes without saying that writers are absolutely creative, and have the uncanny ability to spin stories out of just about anything. Some writers are inspired by images or people. Others like to craft new tales out of old ones. And sometimes, new stories come out of practices that are essentially games – like blacking out lines to create new poetry, or combining the titles of books to tell a story. And writers always come up with new ways to play games.

Some of our favorite YA writers have decided to play a new game – combining italicized words and passages from their own books to see if they can create a new story or a nice new blurb. Absolutely creative and fun, right? Of course! And so are the results of this little experiment – funny, witty, brilliant captions and blurbs that are stories in their own right. And here they are!

Titles link back to the Amazon pages/website pages of the books, so if you like what you read and what to read more, go ahead and check them out!

Genevieve DeRosa Komorowski, from her book, Wilder: The Guardian series 
Of course, it’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon, who else would be cooped up in a dark library?
Way to go Celeste…
That must have been who I met
Should I go to this total stranger’s apartment after just meeting him? But he’s not really a stranger, after all Dani Lynn knows him…
First a falcon and now a bat? What’s going on with all of these weird winged creatures all of a sudden?
What a bizarre night this is turning out to be!
What did Roman mean when he said Patrick could hurt me and that he wasn’t what he seemed to be?
Never mind the fact that I almost got abducted by a stranger in the parking lot of my senior prom.
But that was just a dream; it wasn’t real… Or was it?


Rob Slater, from his book, All Is Silence: Deserted Lands Book 1 

robert-slater-all-is-silence Jason
Jayce is doing good and Jerkwad is dead. Well, I’m here, you’re gone, and I’m not 18 for two months.
I love you?
I need more sleep.
Trust the nurse, Lizzie.
Where is everybody?
Maybe I’m getting sick.
Cut Glass.
4 Non Blondes


Debbie Manber Kupfer, from her book, P.A.W.S 

paws-debbie-manber No
Mama, would she ever see her mama again?
Change? But surely Max was just a cat?
Would she ever see them again? How was her mother holding up without the charm?
So, what are you doing playing around with Andrew?
“Come to me, Andrew. I need you!”
Think about bananas, think about bananas, think about bananas.
What did you do that for?
Belinda Crawford, from her book, Hero (Book website: theherorebellion.com) 

belinda-crawford-hero Special
Zebra Fry
He was hungry and sometimes a muffin didn’t cut it
Besides, wasn’t she always complaining about never being left alone?
What was strange was her insistence on standing there when there was food to be eaten.
Can’t believe the lieutenant thought this was a good cov—
Did she want anything?
Glad you found it funny.


Rachel Mare, from her book, The Flight of the White Crow

How could she?
Not good, they would caw.
Against your people. Stop, stop.
Here is another way. A different way. A better? way…
Safe in the Ahk is the way.
There is no room for ones. Only all.
Pride makes us ugly.
Cannot go.
Yes. Yes, go.


Stephany Wallace, from her book, Hidden Magic: An Ancient Magic novel 


Môn ~ Island of Anglesey, Britannia 60 AD…
“From my essence to yours, I beg for your protection. Fast as lightning and light as the wind I’ll be. Bring my bogha-saighde to me.”
“A athnuachan agus beo ar”—be renewed and live on.
“From my essence to yours, I beg for your protection. From the earth they were born and to the earth they shall return… Please, please help me.”
I was the Laochra ceannaire—Warrior leader.
“Find peace a chara—My dear friend.
“Rise, Mo mhac”—My son.
“Banna síoraí, the eternal bond rite.”
“Grant Oh Mother, what I ask today,
From my essence to yours, I beg for your protection,
Earth our mother, hear my plea, understand my need.
Bond our essence to yours, together as one.
One with the ocean, One with the sky,
One with the sun, One with the land.
Grant us life, Renewed life, Continued life,
Make us part of you, Together as one…”

Marilyn Peake, from her book, Shade and the Skinwalkers

shade-and-the-skinwalkers Bam! You win first prize for guessing the first thing I do after a move.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
God, that was stupid. Did she really want to hear my family history?
OK. So, now who’s being rude?
Thump-thump. Thump-thump.
Believe. They’re here.
How was school? Did I make any friends? Would I like to check out Roswell with her on the weekend?



Sarah Dalton, from her book, The Dragon Wakes  (forthcoming)

the-dragon-wakes How long do I have? Days? Hours? God, let it be soon. Let my suffering end. In my dreams I am powerful. Maybe they are a trick from God to toy with me. Foolish girl. I do not have the strength. I will not live through this again. Matias, what have I done?







RA Marshall, from her book, Playing With Fire 

ra-marshall-playing-with-fire The truth will set you free. That’s the word of God, darlin.’
my mother’s house
Take a picture first.
Give me the g-d phone!
stop it right this second
Stupid, Jenna
Stupid, stupid, stupid
Look up, Wes
What was that?
Get a hold of yourself, Jenna



Karen Tomlinson, from her book, A Bond of Venom and Magic 

a-bond-of-venom-and-magic-karen-tomlinos Diamond where are you?
Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
A pair of misfits together.
Mr Stenson’s goats must have escaped again.
I’ll get dad to come and fix this. Run! Run!
What in the name of Chaos was going on?
NO! Why didn’t they attack….






Derek Murphy, from his book, Scarlet Thread

derek-murphy-the-scarlet-thread Who was this guy?
So much for prince charming.
Not good.
I killed him.
Where do they find these guys?
How had he gotten in front of me?
In the middle of the woods? Not likely.
Be a good girl?
This was impossible.
I didn’t ask to be tortured like this.




Amy McNulty, from her book, Nobody’s Goddess

amy-mcnulty-nobodys-goddess Love. A curse that snatches friends away.
No. Not him.
It’ll never be as beautiful as Elfriede’s.
Her eyes. Huge, bulbous, dark brown eyes. Staring directly into mine.
Nice of you to leave the crazy one for me.
You’d think my own sister could have some sympathy for the fact that she was stealing my dearest friend from me.
Hope you like being wet on your Returning day.
Speak of the man.




Raye Wagner, from her book, Curse of the Sphinx 

curse-of-the-sphinx-raye-wagner Clearly, there was something they felt a need to mourn.
Athan didn’t know who she was, but for four gods to meddle with her future?
“Skata!” Hermes’s curse broke the heavy silence. “Just don’t do anything.”
“Why do you care, Dad?”
The pressure in Hope’s back built until it felt like she was being squeezed into a corset, and then . . . whoosh, her wings unfurled.
“What in the name of the gods is that?”
If she lived in the same blissful denial as the rest of the students, it might have been fun to learn about mythology.
She turned to face the board where Mr. Burton wrote Sphinx in red.
Too late?



Avril Sabine, from her book, Dragon Blood 1: Pliethin


You going to share?
Flinn went after the Pliethin. I saw him from my classroom window.
What’s a plea-thin?
Kade! Don’t-
What do you think-
A wyvern! Where are you?
Don’t stop running. We’re coming.




Lydia Sherrer, from her book, Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus

love-lies-and-hocus-pocus-lydia-sherrer -Lillian Singer: Administrative Coordinator/Archives Manager
-Personal diary of Annabelle Witherspoon, last direct descendant of the Witherspoon family.
-What’s next, kemosabe?
-August 19, 1909: Francis is such a dear, but he has seemed downcast recently.
-But I cannot face him.
-April 14, 1911: I am so tired.
-Perhaps I deserve this unending torment.
-ga-arhus-a ken
-Ask the fae



Zara Hoffman, from her book, The Belgrave Legacy

the-belgrave-legacy-hoffman A powerful sorceress with blood laced in gold sevenfold shall determine the fate of the world.
He’s early.
No men were at the table.
What Thanksgiving dinner didn’t include the whole family?
Fawn wondered.
And what was she doing in her uncle’s dining room, anyway?
She only ever sat at the mahogany table once a year, and she inexplicably knew it was too soon for the holiday.
Looking around, she realized she only recognized her mom and grandmother, but also felt like she’d seen the woman on her right before.


Norma Hinkens, from her book, Girl of Fire 

norma-hinkens-girl-of-fire So much for keeping my composure.
He seeks every chance to disgrace you.
Hazardous, but not stupid.
The torpor vats!
If all goes according to plan.
An upscale pawn emporium on Aristozonex.
At least the part about blazing a trail.
Her ship, her rules.

Leann Forsyth, from her book, Love Is Death (The Afterdeath Book 1) (Book Website)
Careful, Gina.
What are you doing, Gina? Stop it.
But how?
Crap. I was in trouble.

Linda Acorn Budzinski, from her book, The Boyfriend Whisperer (Goodreads Page)

the-boyfriend-whisperer Pepperoni, jalapeños, extra cheese.
Come on, Lexi! What’s wrong with you? Score some points! We need points!
No, Lindsay. No one was sitting here because it’s a small couch, maybe even a loveseat, meant for two people to cuddle up and enjoy the fire.
Well, duh.
Please say no. Please say no.
No. Oh, please, no.
Come on, Lexi, it’s not all bad. This will be the easiest $125 you’ve ever made.
Au contraire, mon frère. That chick knows exactly what she’s doing.
You’ve got this, Lexi. All is going according to plan. Hang in there.
Practically assaulting you on the couch in Virginia Beach? Hanging onto your every word in chemistry class?


S.A. Gibson, from his book, Asante’s Gullah Journey

gibson-asantes-gullah A da geda weh A ain scatta seed
work hard, even you think the bossman be lazy
Beneda, anything you should be doin, worth doin
Family and farm are everything
boy’s growi’n like a weed
The weeders, attacked by a wolf? A bear?
Where everybody?
He has blades

Katherine Boglefrom her book, The Queen of Thieves (forthcoming)
Do not cave.
A commander is always fair, Narra.
Commanders aren’t jealous, Narra. Commanders inspire envy.
This is what happens to thieves that get caught, Narra.
Or else.
A commander is calm, assertive, and never backs down, Narra.
What beasts.
A commander doesn’t lose their temper, Narra.
Too loud.
Don’t look back, Narra.
You’re weak.

Jenny Michaud, from her book, In the Shadow of the Dragon King


Yes, so do I.
Been there, boy.
What am I talking about? I’m still there.
Great. Is he trying to starve me, too?
Your time is nigh. Be brave.
Phone, phone. Where did I leave my phone?
Where did I put it? Think!
Come on, Char.
Other than the smell of your hair and the way your smile turns me into jelly?



Leya A Brown, from her book, Running Toward Illumia (forthcoming)
How foolish, talking to a beast, Astrea admonished. It’s not like he can understand you.
“Oh, sure. Blame the unicorn. No. I think I will wake the village. We can all sit down and have a meal.”
“Interesting. I’m afraid it’s just you and me.”
“No. But you can hear.”
“Good question.”
“Try explaining that one.”
Yes. A thousand times yes.
“You gonna shake this guy or what?”
“Um, pretty sure he’s still behind you.”
“About time.”


Those are just some fun examples of what your favorite YA authors have come up with! Again, if you like what you’ve read, make sure to click on the book titles so you can get linked to the books!

Do you have your own YA quotes that you think are worth sharing? Then let us know!


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