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Ariel Rising (Ariel Between Two Worlds, Episode 1) by A.J. Sparber

Ariel Rising (Ariel Between Two Worlds, Episode 1) by A.J. Sparber

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This is NOT “just another angel story”!

Ariel Rising is a fast-paced YA romance, with loads of fun myths and some facts, such as Greek gods with lightning strikes, and Angels of high rank.

Typically, when one reads a book with the angel theme, you expect it to be the classic fallen angel falls in love with human, troubles try to break them apart, they triumph in the end. No, no, no! That is not the case at all.

Ariel is your typical eighteen year old, until he angel genes awaken. Her father died when she was younger, so it is just her and her mother, who later reveals that she is also an angel. Right from the start, Ariel has always been stronger and smarter than anyone her age. Ariel first notices a surge of unexplainable strength (and speed) when making an attempt to run from an ex-boyfriend who is trying to “get her back”. This is when she meets Davin.

We later learn that Davin knows about Ari’s angel genes, and has come to Earth from Olympus (not the Greek country, because apparently it was named after the planet) to see if Air is a threat to the Warriors. Davin is in fact a high ranking Warrior, and of course he is attracted to Ari, but does not let on much until a little later.

As Ari gets closer to Davin, he drops the the bomb on her that they are not human. I think Ari takes the shock fairly well, though it is a lot to process and overwhelms both her and the reader. She learns about the Fallen, the Warriors, the Serafeím, and many other “classes” of angels. But she does not know that they are angels until Davin brings her to dinner on Olympus. Davin and Ari are destined for each other, they just mesh with the other so well. Let me not forget to mention that they are part of a prophecy that Ari’s father was given.

Something I quite enjoyed was how dignified Davin is and how dedicated to his “culture” he is. For instance, angels call their spouse, Promise. They commit to each other, and later have a Celebration (angel version of a wedding party), but once they are committed to each other, they are with each other for eternity. Apparently, angels don’t age, and age is no longer relevant.

The fact that the book is written by a husband and wife (or wife and husband), it brings out so much of their relationship to the story. I can totally imagine them as Ari and Davin, and it would make so much sense! The story itself is well written; plot was fast paced, though at times I felt little overwhelmed from all the back-story being given. But it was balanced by the growing relationship between Ari and Davin. I loved all the myths that were thrown in as well as actual facts that can be found in Creation. I am not big on books about angels, but this book has totally got me on board. It was fun to read, I got sucked in.
In the event that A.J. Sparber sees this review, here is my question for you (both authors): When is the next episode being released?!
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