Guest Post + Giveaway: Carol J. Hansen, Author of DarkStar

Guest Post + Giveaway: Carol J. Hansen, Author of DarkStar

Author Carol J. HansenHello all! :) Today I have Carol J. Hanson, author of DarkStar, the first book in her new young adult fantasy series.

Today she’ll be talking about her story DarkStar, how it’s unique among other fantasy novels, and what you can expect of the book.

Afterwards, she’ll be giving away one paperback copy of DarkStar (open internationally). So stick around and be sure to enter to win after the post!

Carol J. Hansen has always had a passion for reading and her intrigue with the mystical aspects of life, whether real or fantasy, are what motivated her to write DarkStar, her first novel. Setting and accomplishing goals are a big part of Carol’s life and DarkStar is the result of her latest goal. The strength in her story comes from her understanding of what the youth like and how they think. Raising three children, being active with and observing the youth for many years gives her an advantage as she has the ability to combine her knowledge with a vivid imagination and come up with a believable fantasy laced with mystery, gripping drama and an unforgettable love story.

Carol work in the cosmetology industry as a stylist, educator and salon owner and enjoys it immensely. She loves traveling and great outdoors. The most important aspect of her life is her family and she resides in Utah with her husband and has three married children (almost) six beautiful grandchildren. DarkStar is the first novel of a trilogy and the epic will continue in the much anticipated; Wizard.

About DarkStar by Carol J. Hansen

Thank you, Sarah for your interest in my novel, DarkStar and for having me as a guest post on your fun and informative website. You asked that I talk a bit about magic and wizardry and how DarkStar differs in that aspect. There are a massive number of books in the paranormal/fantasy genre and even though they may have similarities, each story is unique in its own way. Magic has been both a fascination, and a fear, for people since the beginning of time and there is something intriguing about its secretive nature that lures humans, (and authors) to its boundary and beyond.  Magic allows storylines to be limitless and characters to be intriguing whether they are good or evil. When we write a story, we hope it will be unique enough that it will grab the attention of readers from the first chapter to the last.  I’m receiving some very positive reviews from readers stating that DarkStar is different and that it’s a book that they can’t put down.  One reader from Goodreads commented saying;

“DarkStar was an entertaining read with a new take on wizardry for young adult novels. I enjoyed it because of its different take on wizardry in the modern age. Hansen’s version of wizardry and magic is a work entirely her own; she describes different aspects of Alec’s particular powers and his wizard family heritage in a way that is refreshing to readers who enjoy magic but are looking for something new.”

~Kristelle, Goodreads

Here are excerpts describing a couple of Alex’s experiences:

Excerpt from Chapter 10:

I looked at the ring on my little finger.

“Mysticryss Ring? At what point do I use it?” I wondered. Curiously I placed it on my right temple, noting that it was an awkward position. Closing my eyes and pressing it, I felt a jolt of electricity burst through my head. It felt as if someone turned on a VCR and pushed the fast forward button. I saw split second images of my grandfather, Mother, Ayden and England. I saw darkness, Nigel, Amrie, Zoë and other imagery, some passing so quickly I couldn’t make out who or what they were. I felt fear, anxiety and an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy, but I also felt peace. A disturbing loud static made me try to pull the ring away from my temple but the power was strong enough to keep a grip. It was as if my mind was being consumed by an untouchable power source and that someone needed to turn off the breaker or shut off the VCR. Then without warning, it all stopped. My hand fell away from my head and I lay dazed and confused, wondering what just happened.  I picked up the crystal ball my mother had just faded from.

“Mother, are you still there? Can you hear me?” I prayed she would answer.

Excerpt from Chapter 17:

I noticed that Alec’s eyes were a deep, dark blue, darker than I had ever seen them. “Please, Alec,” I sobbed. “You can help him. I know you can…I know what you can do…please.”

My pleading drew me into his space, his mystical eyes and their undeniable power. His pupils gripped me as emotion swelled in his chest, heavily breathing, nostril’s flaring.

Please,” I whispered.

Staring with rapt attention, the intensity of his eyes began changing, motion swirling intricate patterns, power emerging. He didn’t blink but closed his glazed stare as he placed his left hand on Branton’s chest, precisely over his heart. Oddly, he curled his right hand and touched it to his right temple. Silence sucked him into deep concentration.

Although I had the urge to cry out, I felt inclined to be still as a silent comfort crept over me. My eyes bulged and my pulse raced as I felt a surge of electricity pass from Alec into Branton. Branton’s body reacted, arching as if a doctor had shocked it to stimulate his heart. Alec was still for a long moment, feeling and waiting. The intensity of the moment sent another shock through Branton. The silence was agitating, tension prevailed. Unexpectedly, Alec’s eyes blinked open; he stared, engrossing me in his trance.

DarkStar was written from both, Alec and Amrie’s perspective, so it was fun exploring the depths of what each one was experiencing and feeling. I especially enjoyed writing the communication between Alec and his Wizard Grandfather. My story doesn’t deal with just shallow magic and wizardry, but digs in and describes the emotion and substance of what is happening with each character — but it still coincides with the teen dialect that dominates the story.  DarkStar does contain the ever present, good vs. evil, but as the plot thickens, you find that the power struggle is not only within Alec’s own life, but also between the two magical brothers.

I wanted DarkStar to be believable. I love a story that makes you feel as if it could really happen, even though it’s fiction. My story begins in Warwickshire, England where seventeen year old, Alec, has it revealed to him that he is heir to a wizardry that he knew nothing about. His older brother, Ayden was the original heir but he was banned, leaving the obligation to fall on Alec. Frustration and torment follows him as he relocates, temporarily, to the mystical, high mountain valley of Logan, Utah. Alec enrolls in a high school for the first time in his life and tries dealing with unfamiliar circumstances while having unwanted, magical powers transfer to him. When he meets sixteen year old, Amrie and she witnesses his peculiar behavior, both of their worlds change. They are astounded to find that they have a mystical connection — even though they live worlds apart.

One thing that is unique about, DarkStar is that I have teamed up with an amazing musician, Matt Lande and he has written three songs to go along with my story. We are in the process of recording an exclusive, 3 song EP that I will market with my novel and we will actually be going to Logan, Utah this summer to make music videos for two of the songs! I’m hoping that we will eventually do a full, DarkStar album after Matt finishes recording his acoustic album, Welcome Home the Child. Another fun thing, Matt and I were just accepted on the site, Kickstarter, so once we launch, it will be fun to see what happens with that. I invite everyone to follow my blog to keep tabs on our fun projects.

Being the first of a trilogy, DarkStar leads the way for the next book and my readers are anxiously waiting with much anticipated for, Wizard. It’s coming along nicely and will be every bit as gripping…maybe more so.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to chat with you about my story. It has been such an amazing experience to allow my mind to create this magical world and I hope everyone will want to read DarkStar. It is available at and on Amazon as both an e-book and soft cover. Follow me at and as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Also, take the time to check out the talented Matt Lande at

Dare To Dream!

DarkStar by Carol J. Hansen



An ancient obligation…
A reluctant wizard who despises having it forced upon him…
A mystical romance full of passion, mystery and intrique…
A conflicting power struggle haunting two magical brothers…

The powerful Warshaw Wizardry threatens extinction when Ayden, its disloyal heir, is banned and his younger brother, seventeen year old, Alec, is expected to resume their grandfather’s position as Grand Wizard of Warwickshire. Alec is reluctantly thrown into an unseen magical world where he detests the painful powers he begins receiving. Disillusioned and in danger, he is sent to live with a trusted uncle and he is baffled by an unusual attraction to acquaintance, sixteen year old Amrie. Intrigued by his British background, Amrie’s life dangerously intertwines with Alec’s as she witnesses his struggles with peculiar powers and as they try to figure out their strange but definite connection. Amrie’s mysterious dreams, a gift from her dying grandfather and Alec’s family crest seem to be the links that bond them together. DARKSTAR will have readers feeling the frustration of an ancient wizard and anticipating a romance between Alec and Amrie as well as the conflicting power struggle haunting two magical brothers. Will Amrie entice Alec to use the powers he despises? Will Alec accept the wizardry … or will the Mysticryss cease to exist? DarkStar is the first novel of a trilogy and it’s conclusion will leave readers greatly anticipating the second of the series; Wizard.


DarkStar by Carol J. Hansen


Okay, now it’s time for some winning! Here’s what you could get:

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