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paper princess

Although I religiously post reviews for books on their Goodreads page and on their Amazon page, those reviews are usually short and straight to the point. But the rare times I stumble across a book I adore, I will write a longer review. And this was the case for Paper Princess, Book 1 of The Royals trilogy.


What is this book about? It’s the rags-to-riches story of 17-year-old Ella, who finds herself dragged out of a strip club by her new wealthy legal guardian, Callum Royal, and plopped into an outrageous mansion with five new handsome “brothers.”


Let’s start with the writing. Erin Watt (aka Jen Frederick + Elle Kennedy) has this intoxicating way of making you jump from one sentence to the next, from one page to the next, and by the end of a chapter, you’re completely breathless and must start the next chapter. Her tone literally springs off the page, just like her characters. And yes, this was written by two authors, yet it is perfectly seamless. I could not tell where one began and the other left off.


Ella, the fabulous main character, is funny and sweet and ballsy. And the rest of the Royals…well, they’re just gorgeous, but real jerks. And of course, Ella falls for the cruelest one of all, Reed Royal—who has his reasons for being the way he is.


Each chapter was exciting, whether it was set at a crazy party in some mansion, or in her ultra-exclusive prep school, or in the Royal’s yacht (umm…amazing scene). Each metaphor and image Watt created fit perfectly in the book and made the story that much more vibrant.


But the ending…ah, the ending. The infamous cliffhanger. All I have to say is that I hope Erin Watt has a damn good reason for Reed to have done what he did…

  • Book Review: PAPER PRINCESS

    FacebookTwitter Although I religiously post reviews for books on their Goodreads page and on their Amazon page, those reviews are usually ...
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