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Follow Me Back by A.V. Geiger

Follow Me Back by A.V. Geiger




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First, a huge thank you to the publishers for sending me this book. It was a fantastic and addictive read that reminded me of Paper Princess by Erin Watt, but with a psychological edge.


This book is different stylistically than most I’ve read as a large part the story takes place through Twitter conversations and police transcripts. It was very well executed, with simple and sharp dialogue. The two main characters are very well drawn out. Although Tessa is infuriating at first because of her fear of leaving the house and her obsession with a rock star, her phobia and fixation make for an intriguing premise. And then there’s Eric Thorn, America’s heartthrob, Tessa’s heartthrob. I have to admit he quickly turned into my heartthrob too.


The only character who felt too simplistically sketched out was the antagonist. He comes out of nowhere. Even though I would definitely not take away any stars for this, I sort of wish he was mentioned—even just by name—at the beginning of the book. Yes, there were hints that something terrible had happened to Tessa in New Orleans, and that Twitter isn’t fool-proof (security-wise), but still…


And the ending! If you’re not a fan of cliffhangers, you might want to wait for book 2 to come out before reading Follow Me Back.


But all in all an excellent read! Highly recommended!

  • Follow Me Back by A.V. Geiger

    FacebookTwitter First, a huge thank you to the publishers for sending me this book. It was a fantastic and addictive read ...
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