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Interview of YA Fantasy Author Shawn McGuire (Video)

Interview of YA Fantasy Author Shawn McGuire (Video)

Meet YA Fantasy author Shawn McGuire and watch as she reads from STICKS AND STONES. Then get to know her as she shares a favorite quote and poses a fun trivia question. US viewers, be sure to leave a comment to enter the giveaway for a signed paperback of the book!

Summary: Everyone has a dark side. Mandy’s just moved in with her.

The last time Mandy Matteo broke a rule, her sister ended updead. Since that day she’s been the perfect daughter and student, doingeverything right for fear of the repercussions. Her friends want fun, notperfection, and abandon Mandy for parties and boys.

Now truly alone, Mandy makes a wish to simply be happy. Nothingextravagant, just a whisper to the universe that she never expects will cometrue. But then Desiree, a hippie genie with her own set of issues, shows up andgrants Mandy’s wish by bringing her childhood imaginary friend to life.

Mandy soon realizes she should have listened to Desiree’swarning. Magic wishes have one condition: Once started, they cannot be alteredor revoked. No matter how bad things get.


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