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Introducing the YA Book Journal

Introducing the YA Book Journal

Every young adult fiction fan knows there is never enough you can squeeze out of a good YA book. We fall in love with the story and the fascinating characters. Sometimes you just want to engage with the story a little more! With the new YA Book Journal you now can immerse yourself into the book. This journal is a perfect companion to your reading experience.

What’s it all about:

Start with the wish list and add all the YA books you would love to read. Take a look at the checklist in the back of the journal for great suggestions.

  • Challenge #1: Start logging your pages read and see if you can increase your reading.
  • Challenge #2: Visualize and connect with your favorite characters.  Note what you love about them.
  • Challenge #3: Review all your favorite elements of the book.  Take a moment to show what you loved or didn’t like about the book.
  • Challenge #4: Add some final thoughts about the book. Things you would like to remember about the story. Add some thoughts you think others who have yet to read the book might want to know about.
  • Challenge #5: Get social and connected to the author! Find the author’s social pages and connect. Try to create a relationship with the author. Become a fan! You will most likely get a great response from them if you do!

Get It Today:

coverflatThe book journal for the young adult fiction fan!

Dig deeper into the worlds of some of your favorite YA authors. Discover new authors and journal about your reading process.

Rate and review what you read while creatively getting involved with our story challenges.

17 sets of journal logs, YA checklists, author passages, and more for you to enjoy.

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  • Introducing the YA Book Journal

    FacebookTwitter Every young adult fiction fan knows there is never enough you can squeeze out of a good YA book. We ...
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