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King (the Books of the Infinite series, Book 3) by R.J. Larson

King (the Books of the Infinite series, Book 3) by R.J. Larson

Series Closure



This book was a great read, and an excellent follow-up to the second book. I found myself enjoying it the way I might enjoy any fantasy book, except this gave so much more than I had expected. It was thrilling and awesome. I loved the author’s style and it just made me love it.

However, I must admit, the story began to feel a bit rushed towards the 90% mark. When I wanted to slowly absorb the final events taking place, they were being piled on top of each other. I would have liked a little more detail in the epilogue. I can understand that author didn’t want to write an entire new book to conclude the characters’ lives, but I feel there could have been more to story.

R.J. Larson still remains a fantastic author in my eyes. I still love how she incorporated Biblical detailing into a Fantasy world. It mixes well and the author knows what she’s doing.

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