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Hello there fellow readers, authors and the like!

My name is Melissa but family and friends call me Ellie.

I'm a Sassy, Ambivert, Determined, Loyal, CEO, Quirky, Animal Lover, DIY, Film & Photo, Deep Thinker, Family Oriented,
Teacher, Humorous, Sarcastic, Should come with a warning Label , Dreamer, Productive, Intuitive human being with a penchant for mischief-only the good kind with a few quirks here and there!

I'm always either writing, reading while giving my most sincere and humble opinions, watching anime,
cosplaying or hobby shuffling!

I was born a city gal but my heart is in the country. Proud to be part of a big mixed family each with amazingly funny stories to tell!

My dream and goal is to become a published author. I enjoy reading and writing every genre, from historical romance to science-fiction.

I read about 5-10 stories a week on a good day curled up in my big comfy couch, from short stories to novels.

United States
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