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Are you a Young Adult or New Adult author looking for a boost in visibility? The YA Shelf is a book review site that attracts hundreds of YA readers every single day.

We don’t accept any form of paid advertising, but we do allow authors to earn free promotion and featured placement in exchange for submitting content (book reviews, author interviews, articles, etc.)

Every piece you send in will conclude with your author bio and a link to your website – which will boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and increase your traffic. Posting reviews of other books similar to yours is the best way to get seen by the readers most likely to enjoy your books.

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And if you get to 25 reviews, we’ll add your book to the sidebar for any month of your choosing.

We’ve also created an invitation-only group of bestselling authors who collaborate on group events, and support each other during book launches and promotions. If you sign up below, we’ll let you know whenever there are special opportunities for you to market your books to YA readers.

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