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Prophet (The Books of the Infinite Series, Book 1) by R.J. Larson

Prophet (The Books of the Infinite Series, Book 1) by R.J. Larson

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The Chronicles of Narnia meets The Bronze Bow.

Book 1 in the Books of the Infinite series

Book 1 in the Books of the Infinite series

Prophet follows Ela of Parne, a young woman who has been chosen by the Infinite to be His prophet. The fact that Ela is chosen scares and fascinates her. The position as the Infinite’s prophet was offered to her. Ela did not have to accept if she truly did not want to. Yet, Ela was willing to serve the Infinite and do His will. Ela leaves her homeland and journeys with her younger sister, Tzana, to the lands and people who no longer seek the will of their Creator. Along the way, Ela goes through brief trials to test her endurance and belief in the Ininite’s constant presence and protection.

The side-plot of this story follows Kien, a Tracelander whose cocky confidence gets him locked in a dungeon, where he later meets Ela. As a Tracelander, Kien’s belief has not been with the Infinite for many generations. Kien’s future is destined to be intertwined with the Infinite’s will, as well as crossing paths with Ela several times. Ela’s determination often baffles Kien, especially when she speaks against a wicked king. Whom had outright denied the very existence of the Creator.

Of course, not everyone is willing to hear the Voice of their Creator. Because Ela has chosen to become one in spirit with the Infinite, she feels the pain, the compassion, the burning anger; every possible emotion known to mankind, which the Infinite feels towards His people. The choice is voluntary; the Infinite does not force the people to turn back to Him. If they choose to serve Him, He welcomes them with open arms. If not, His hand is stretched out still.

There are many different kinds of animals that roam in the wilderness. Such as the Scaln, a venomous cat-like creature that attacks Ela whilst she is passing the first test of her belief. Ela learns that whenever she calls on the name of the Infinite, harm does not come her way. However, learning this lesson came the hard way as her belief wavered. Yet, the moment she acknowledges the Infinite’s strength, she reactivates her faith. Scars from the attack are proof to her that the Infinite is always there when she calls to Him.

 R.J. Larson has a way of pulling points from Biblical scripture and mixing it with just the right amount of fantasy elements. When a fantasy world and its creatures are brought to the Scripture, we can see the many major Biblical details and recognize who or what they are. One of these details we can recognize is when Ela is in the dungeon. She is respected by the dungeon keeper and his wife, and she helps in the kitchen and feeding the other prisoners. We can relate this to the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis, chapter 39. Joseph, having been falsely accused, was sent to prison, where he becomes in charge of several things in the prison. The prison keeper had full trust in Joseph because God was with him.

Prophet is the first book in this 3-book series. I enjoyed every page of this book. The book almost came to life in my hands.

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