Q/A with Bokerah Brumley

What’s the hardest part about writing YA lit?:

I think the hardest part is coming up with something original, or a fresh take on something that’s been done before.

When exactly did you know you wanted to be a writer?:

I was eight. I wrote a poem for my mother. It was awful, horrible, and the sort of thing only a mother could love. After that, I wrote letters upon letters upon letters. For a summer reading program, I wrote an essay and won $50. I think that cemented it. During my teens,

I wrote a few MG novels that were also awful. More letters in my twenties, and here I am in my thirties, in the general window where more writers start their career.
Have you found any clever ways to market your books to YA readers?: No, nothing clever, but all the normal ways – adding one reader at a time and advertisements. I’m a bit addicted to Twitter.

What YA books have had the biggest influence on your writing?:

The YA adaption of “At the Back of the North Wind,” “The Hunger Games,” and a few other YA titles from author Erin Hayes. The other influences have been adult novels.
Short author bio: Bokerah Brumley is an award-winning freelance writer. In her spare time, Bokerah enjoys climbing trees, photographing peacocks, and writing flash fiction. She lives with her husband, five kids, and three dogs in West Texas where she serves as the blue-haired publicity officer for the Cisco Writers Club.

Website: www.superbokerah.com
Twitter: @msbbrumley

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