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Rank my power: Mind Reading and Control

Rank my power: Mind Reading and Control

Mind control for villains
Mind control for heroes


Is mind control a blessing or a curse?

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Many YA characters and multiple superheros have the power to mind read and the power to control the actions of those around them. Susan Kaye Quinn’s Mind Jack Series’ dystopian world is based on this gift, and let’s not forget the Imperious Curse in Harry Potter.

Is this power a blessing or a curse? On one hand, how awesome would it be to always get what we want because we can control the actions of our friends and family? Right now, you might be thinking, bring it on; I could think of a few people that I would like to be my slaves!

I read a review of Open Minds (book 1 of the Mind Jack series), that stated that since the protagonist could control the minds and thus the actions of those around her, the book appalled, disgusted and enraged her because it was like ‘mind rape’. Pretty strong words!

This review got me thinking. Why is the loss of control or the inability to determine who accesses our private thoughts such a gross violation? Is it because freedom and the ability to choose, is one of humankind’s highest faculties? I would go as far as to say that only humans have this ability (animal lovers, please don’t hate me!)

Let’s just think about this. When we see humans who are starving still refuse food, for example in a hunger strike, in contrast to a starving dog who will pretty much eat anything, and when we hunt down man eating sharks (again animal lovers, please don’t hate me), but put a murder in jail, so he can reform and turn a new leaf, it points to something in us that animals don’t have: freedom and the ability to choose.

So when freedom is violated through, mind control or telepathy, it is robbing someone of one of their most precious gifts. Yep it’s a high-ranking power for villains, perhaps the highest, but for heroes, mind reading and mind control is more a curse than a blessing, because to control someone else’s freedom is a responsibility too great to bear.

P.R. Castle lives in Sydney, Australia. She spends most of her time pondering and thinking about the deeper things in life. She studied Chemistry and Marketing at university, where her love and respect for science deepened. She has worked extensively with teens in youth camps, community service projects and youth groups, and is inspired by their imaginations and aspirations to make the world a better place.

P.R. Castle hopes to thrill and entertain teens through her writing, but also wants to make them think about the deeper questions in life, to mull over what makes them human and reflect on who they are.

She is the author of The Subjects Trilogy.

  • Rank my power: Mind Reading and Control

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