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Review of ‘The Fire Seekers’ by Richard Farr

Review of ‘The Fire Seekers’ by Richard Farr

This book had a really cool mythology/archeology/supernatural angle! Now that the X-Files is back on screen, people should delve into this book and get their fix of conspiracy and ancient lore in this wonderful story written by Richard Farr.

Admittedly, it was a bit too ‘Fast & Furious’ for me at some point… meaning a lot of multi-talented teenagers were crammed into this one book. Literally all the main characters were amazing climbers, divers, pilots, fighters, hackers, linguists and whatnot, but I definitely think young adult fans of Dan Brown would enjoy this title. I surely did – I was really hooked on this book for a few days straight.

Good news for fans of culinary descriptions: Daniel, the main character, also happens to be some kind of master chef. It truly got me hungry at some point to read about the lush dishes this guy was preparing for his family and friends. I, too, want Daniel to prepare me some pepper-crushed wild Alaskan salmon with purple spinach leaves and tralala sauce 😉

I can’t wait for the sequel, which should be out somewhere this year.

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