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Need book reviews? You can submit a review request, and we’ll try to get to it as soon as possible. We make no guarantees; however, we review as many books as we can. We also don’t guarantee positive reviews. We write fair, honest feedback for the books we review, so we will point out what we liked, what we didn’t, and everything in between.

But don’t worry, we won’t review books we hated; if it didn’t hold our interest enough to earn at least 3 stars, we won’t review it.

We prefer ebooks

For self-published authors, indie authors or small presses, we’d prefer to review the ebook (mobi, epub or PDF). We get far too many books in the mail and have started building a life-size human maze, with literal walls of books. We lost Dave in there several months ago, but he’s probably just still reading.

**We Are Not Accepting Manuscripts at This Time**


Q: Will you remove a negative review after you post it?

A: No. You sent it to us for feedback. We are never mean or snarky, but if your book isn’t good enough for us to say nice things about, it’s important we let readers know the truth. Plus, reviews with some criticism come across as more trustworthy and are more likely to increase sales than those really positive, 5 star reviews anyway. But keep writing – you’ll get better with practice.

Q: Do you review indie or self-published books?

A: Sure, but as we mentioned, please send an ebook file so we can skim it first. We don’t have time to email you a response, and we can’t review every book, but if your story is good enough to catch our attention, we’ll read it and post a review.

Q: Can I pay you to review my books?

A: No. If you’re looking for a comprehensive book edit or manuscript review, someone to check your story and fix the major story problems and edit before you publish, check out the Book Butchers.

Q: Can you promote my book for me?

A: No. The greatest marketing in the world can’t sell a book that readers don’t love. If you want to learn more about book marketing and building an author platform, check out Marketing for Writers. We may eventually offer some kind of paid advertising, but only for amazing books that we can honestly recommend.


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