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Survive in These Exciting New YA Dystopian Worlds

The best books are the ones that immerse you into an amazing world that makes you think. Young adult books in the dystopian/post-apocalyptic sub-genre do just that. The sense of survival kicks in and you put yourself in the protagonist’s footsteps.

We all know the big books in this genre. The Hunger Games, Divergent, Legend, The Giver, and so on. This article focuses on cool and fun survival tips from books you might not have heard of yet. Explore the fascinating worlds below and learn how to make it out alive!

Influence by David R. Bernstein

1: Avoid corrupt sector group borders unless you want your consciousness manipulated.

2: There is no better best friend than one that is an Influencer. Just make sure that friend isn’t making you like them against your will!

3: Avoid the shelters unless you have no other choice. Especially when they are sponsored by the nearby sector group for the soul purpose of finding new Influencer talent.

4: One of the best and scariest Influencer push abilities to have is to trap one in their own mind while they relive their worst nightmare over and over again.

“The power to “push” helped me love this book! The story concepts and world-building were awesome. The dystopian world was set up really well. The protagonist, Kaylin, was really believable and you could feel her emotions. The writing was good and it was a fast read which I love. I just hope the second book doesn’t take forever to be released.” ~ Amazon review

Configured by Jenetta Penner

1: Your job will be with you until you die. Your family won’t. Put work ahead of family.

2: Don’t take the anti-stress meds. Who knows what’s really in those things.

3: If you get any weird messages on your handheld don’t try to find out who sent them. Hit delete… probably spam

4: If you start to develop any unnatural abilities, my goodness, don’t keep it to yourself. See a doctor. At least tell your parents.

Configured releases in October 2016

Prescient by Derek Murphy

1: Guns make too much noise; use a knife or an arrow to avoid attracting a horde.

2: The best way to prevent the apocalypse is to go back and kill the bastard who started it.

3: Don’t fall in love with a guy who won’t exist if you succeed in changing the future.

“I love time travel novels, and Prescient was one of the more unique ones I’ve ever read! The story combines time travel and a dystopian future perfectly. I’ve never seen time travel done this way before, and I loved it!!! Can’t wait for the next book :)” ~ Amazon review

Immurement by Norma Hinkens

1: Keep bunkers odor free by removing dead bodies promptly.

2: Carry a small shrub on your person at all times. In the event of a random sweep, pose as a piece of vegetation.

3: Don’t enrage the Rogues by pointing out the misspelled words in their cheap tattoos.

4: Falling for a clone could be hazardous to your emotional health. Despite their pimple-free skin, they rarely live past adolescence.

“Fantastic Dystopian read full of danger, tragedy, Sci Fi elements and a dash of romance. Cannot wait to continue the series!” ~ Amazon review

Justice Buried by Hilary Thompson

1: In Asphodel, you must know and follow your star sign and horoscope, unless you want the Protectors to turn on you.

2: Tartarus citizens would warn you to avoid the arena at all costs, lest Hade make a game of your death.

3: If you’re allowed inside Elysium, remember that with peace comes pain, and to get one, you must live through the other.

“All young adult fiction should be written like this…a gripping, exciting, and heart-breaking tale.” ~ Readers’ Favorite, K.C. Finn

Untamed by Madeline Dyer

1: You can never outrun the Enhanced Ones. They are better, faster, and stronger than you.

2: Don’t ever lead the Enhanced Ones toward the village, no matter how scared you are. Sacrifice yourself.

3: Never let yourself be Enhanced. Once it’s done, there’s no going back.

4: Don’t ignore the facts. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is death.

“This has to be one of the best dystopians I have read this year – If you’re a dystopian fan add this to your shelf.” — Birds That Love Words

Genesis Girl by Jennifer Bardsley

1: Digital purity is a must! Keep yourself private and everything will be okay.

2: Stay hidden behind lead-lined walls, and don’t let anyone take your picture or put you on the Internet.

“The idea of Internet addicts and cell phone-induced brain cancer makes this title stand out among today’s saturated YA dystopia market. Readers who don’t question the premise too closely will be treated to an action-packed plot full of futuristic digital technology, sleek motorcycles, and high-speed chases.” -School Library Journal

“At its core, Genesis Girl is an exploration of power. Not simply the power that technology wields over us, but the power we must wield over ourselves.” —Jeanne Ryan, author, Nerve

Ignite the Shadows by Ingrid Seymour

1: If you can still think for yourself, find an IgNiTe cell and join them. They are the only ones who can help you. Don’t, for one minute, think that you can fool the invaders. Even though most of them look just like you and me, they’re not. Trust me. They KNOW when you’re just a plain human, and, after they spot you, they’ll make sure to change you into something else.

2: Don’t trust anyone, especially the police. The invaders have moles EVERYWHERE.

“Impossible to put down!” ~ Olivia from – The Candid Cover Blog

“Uber-cool and uber-creative” ~ Lynanne Carroll -Daybreak In Autumn Blog

Retreat by Kelly St. Clare

1: Do NOT allow yourself to be captured by poachers. No one knows what happens, but prisoners are returned dead, and with yellow eyes.

2: Try to avoid being blown up during battle. You want to see Earth again, remember?

3: If you happen to crash-land on Earth due to *cough* technical difficulties, do not remove your helmet for anything!

4: You removed your helmet, didn’t you? Well then, for comet’s sake, don’t drink the water! Global warming? Acidic? It’s a no-no, my space bro.

5: Heck, you’ve ignored everything else I’ve told you, so I offer one last bit of advice. If you become thirsty and drink the water; Firstly— you’re an A-grade poacherknob. Secondly—watch out for any post-global warming creatures lurking in the deep.

“You know that feeling when you think you’ve already seen an author at the best and then you’re WRONG?!? I do now.” – YA Books Central

Recoil by Joanne Macgregor

1: Everyone agrees, don’t pet the mutant rats. They carry the plague.

2: Sarge (sniper cadet squad commander) says: Squad before blood, and pain is good.

3: Alex Hawke (president of the Southern Sector) says: if you see something, say something.

4: Jinxy James (expert gamer and sniper) says: the rebels have the hottest boys.

“This novel is so realistic I can see something like this possibly happening. If you enjoy dystopian settings, this is a great start to a fascinating realistic series.” – The Talking Bookworm Blog

The Threat Below by Jason Latshaw

1: You must never go down there. Don’t leave the higher altitudes. Under any circumstances. For any reason. Just don’t.

2: Content yourself with what you have. Do not explore or attempt to discover. A hand that reaches is the hand that’s bitten.

3: What is unknown is unknown for a reason. Better not to learn what that reason is yourself.

4: The turtle’s shell only protects when closed up tight.

“This postapocalyptic YA novel is a fast-paced, fascinating slam dunk of a book. The Threat Below is… a mind-expanding tale of postapocalyptic humanity and truth–and the survival of both.”
-5 Star Clarion Review

There you have it! Some awesome new reads to sharpen your survival skill. All while entertaining you!

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