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The Hottest Supernatural Urban Fantasy Books of 2020

The Hottest Supernatural Urban Fantasy Books of 2020

Shifters, witches, fae, dragons…

What’s hotter than a good supernatural YA or NA story? Um, nothing!

We have done the legwork for you and curated some of the best supernatural urban fantasy books to read in 2020!

Rise of the Dark Fae Series

Never kiss a Fae the first time you meet… you’ll always end up getting burned.

I’m so stupid.

I shouldn’t have accepted their job offer. But the money, the excitement…the glamour was just too tempting to pass up.

Even stupider, when I arrive for work, I lock eyes—and lips—with the most arrogant, but delicious guy I’ve ever seen, and an unbelievable truth is revealed…

Rise of the Dark Fae



Supernatural Prison Camp Series

Hated for the wings on my back. Imprisoned for a crime I didn’t commit.

My name is Tallyndra. As a fae royal, I used to have it all and now I’m nothing but a refugee and prisoner on an island where breaking the rules can mean death.

Faerie was destroyed and my kind was forced to flee. I’d been homeless, hated, persecuted by the same humans responsible for the destruction of our land. I was coping, taking care of orphaned fae children who needed me, but now humans have abducted me and locked me in a prison camp…

Supernatural Prison Camp



Supernatural Academy Series

Of course, magic is real. Everybody knows that.

Since it came out on the news that Supernaturals exist, I’ve heard they can do spells, shapeshift, live forever, you name it. Wonderful, right? 


In my world—where I’m homeless and spend my time avoiding rats and meth heads—magic sounds like major BS.

But, when I’m accused of stealing and they’re about to arrest me, the item I took disappears from my hand as if by magic. WTF?

Supernatural Academy


Academy of Shifters Series

Your Life Begins or Ends at the Academy

For Remi St. James, It started with the blackouts. Then the vivid nightmares. That’s nothing compared to waking up naked, alone in a forest with no recollection of how she got there.

Scary as hell, but what she discovers is far worse.

Remi was changing into something more–something supernatural.

Academy of Shifters



Dragon’s Creed Series

There’s no such thing as dragons. Or so they told me.

That was before a dragon killed my mother. I witnessed it, yet no one believed me, then they stamped the “crazy” label on my forehead. So, yeah, things haven’t always gone my way.

These days, I have no time for that. I just want to graduate and get the heck out of Summers Lake.

But when a group of my classmates vanishes without a trace, I’m sucked back into a supernatural whirlwind. Desperate, I enlist my forever-crush and two of his friends who seem to know more than they let on…

Dragon’s Creed


Broken Wand Academy Series

Magic isn’t Taken—it’s Inherited.

Eighteen-year-old Meena Song wants a normal life with a normal job and normal friends. Well, that ain’t happening.

An unbelievable secret is revealed in the worst possible place—a public bathroom. Yup, gross, but still not the strangest thing she’ll see today.

Who gets invited to a magical academy if you have zero magical ability? Meena does…

Broken Wand Academy

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