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Top 50 YA Fiction Influencer Profile Interview with Blogger & BookTuber Kassidy Voinche


I have recently published a post titled ‘The Top 50 Influencers in Young Adult Fiction and Fandom‘. The goal of this post was to find and score the top bloggers and Booktubers who reach the biggest young adult audience. I have decided to take the series a bit further by interviewing some of the top players. Kassidy Voinche has graciously accepted my request for an interview. She’s a very kind and thoughtful person. I hope you enjoy the interview.

1: How did you get started Booktubing (Is that even the right what to say it?) and blogging?

Haha, yes, that is the right phrase! I started my BookTube channel in June of 2013. I had been watching BookTube videos for months before and really started getting into reading and collecting books. After attending Book Expo America in May of 2013, I fell in love with the book community. I just knew I had to be a part of it, so I started my channel. The blog came much later. I use it more as a supplement to my channel for written reviews or if I need to post something not suited for video format.

2: What are your all time favorite books and why?

My favorite series are The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, and my favorite stand-alone is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Those books are very different, but I love so many different genres.

3: What are some of the YA books you are excited to read this year?

Of course I am dying to read Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare, I am in love with the Shadowhunter world! I’m also highly anticipating the sequel to The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh, The Rose and the Dagger. The first book left off at such a crazy point.

4: What elements of YA fiction do you love?

I love how fun, imaginative, and creative it is. Which is why I really love Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. Also, for the most part, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Of course there are YA books out there that deal with more serious topics and/or have more of an adult feel to them, and I enjoy those every now and then. However, mostly, I just love how easy it is to escape into YA and lose myself in the crazy stories and worlds.

5: What elements are you getting sick of seeing?

I’m not really sick of anything in specific to YA. I read mostly for entertainment, so I don’t get too overly critical when I read. When it comes to YA, most things that bother other people don’t bother me. I’m all for a good love triangle J

6: What do authors do that piss you off when it comes to writing?

Underdeveloped characters. I love a book when I can connect with a character and feel what they feel. I want to believe a character is actually real. Therefore, when a character isn’t thoroughly developed and fleshed out, I lose some enjoyment in the book.

7: How should authors approach you – or what are some interesting things authors have done that impressed you?

A simple e-mail is enough. I am pretty slow at responding to e-mails, but it’s the best way to contact me. What really impresses me the most is when an author mentions that they have seen my videos and they say something specific about my video(s) so I know they actually have watched them. You wouldn’t believe how unprofessional and impersonal some authors and publishers can be. From addressing me by the wrong name to trying to bribe me, I get some pretty bad e-mails. That being said, it doesn’t take much to impress me, just know my name, be kind, and mention something about my videos, haha!

8: What are your thoughts on indie (self) published YA authors? Do you read them?

Going through the self-publication process is unimaginably hard. I definitely commend those who do it because I know I couldn’t. There are some wonderful self-published books out there just waiting to get recognized. I do get a lot of review requests from self-published authors. I take them into consideration and I have read and reviewed quite a few. However, I have had bad experiences with self-published authors in the past and, unfortunately, because of that, I do have to be a little more hesitant when accepting self-published books. I understand why they are so passionate about their work and I wish I could give them all a chance.

9: What are some things you’d like to do with your platform and influence?

I honestly just want to spread the love of reading. If my videos can convince one person to read a book that they might not have considered before, I am happy. Especially if my videos can reach non-readers and maybe give them a new perspective on reading, maybe even inspire them to pick up a book, that would be the ultimate goal for me.

10: What is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to you as a BookTuber?

Going to BEA and BookCon in 2014 was probably the high of my BookTube experience so far. Meeting fellow BookTubers and readers in person and spending a weekend surrounded by books and the love for reading was honestly a dream come true. Making friends from all over the world is great even if you can only communicate through the internet, but meeting people that I never thought I would get to hang out with in person… wow… it was so surreal and just a blast. I made memories I will never forget.

11: What other big goals or plans do you have that you’re excited about?

Well, my motto for this year is just to go with the flow. I have a lot of big things happening in my personal life that will take up a lot of time. I still plan to continue making videos, but I’m really not setting any goals for myself. I’m trying to keep it as fun and stress-free as possible!

12: Do you recommend any other up and coming booktube channels?

There are so many I want to mention! A good friend of mine, Hope Ortego, has a wonderful channel. We actually live in the same city and hang out on a regular basis. I feel so lucky to have her as a real-life friend and BookTube friend. I’m just going to list a some more, all are amazing and make such insightful and entertaining videos- Kristin @ whatskappening, Sam @ThoughtsonTomes, Bekah @ Bekah AwesomeBookNut, Shannon @ LeaningLights, Marines @ mynameismarines, Connor @ Connor O’Brien. I could go on and on, but there are a few.

13. What’s one of your favorite booktube videos that you’ve made?

Along with her booktube channel linked at the top, please check out her blog for other great content >> Click Here

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