Writing Camp for Teens

Stuck indoors? Need a long term, creative project to keep you busy? How about writing a book? Yes it’s possible – I’ve received emails from dozens of teens about how to write and publish their very own novel, and even coached a 10-year old through his fantasy plotting. 

Don’t let all those ideas bouncing around go to waste – write them down and share them!

I put together a summer writing camp for teens, which includes a video series and challenges meant to help teens outline, draft and polish their novel – with all the encouragement and structure they need.

The summer camp was a big success so I put the videos up on youtube; they’re high-level for anybody who wants to write any genre of fiction, but also effective for teen or YA writers.

If you want to write any popular fiction, these are reliable basics that have helped thousands of writers improve their craft; but I’ve tried to present them in an organized way that makes them accessible for any age group.

Novel Writing Basics (free youtube series)

Here’s the first two videos; the link below goes to the youtube playlist where you can subscribe to watch them all for free.


Click here to watch the full series on youtube.