Young Adult Book Award Competition (writing contest for YA fiction)

The Alliance of Young Adult Authors and Urban Epics are teaming up to host a YA Book Award competition, which will start in 2018.

1. Submitting your book will be 100% free and secure.

2. A small team, of professional writers (including several with graduate degrees of literature) will review all the submissions.

3. The 10 finalists in 5 main categories will be passed to a review board of 10 YA Book Bloggers and People of Influence.



There will be a gold and silver winner for each category – ten books in total will win the award.

The winners will win:

  • A book review on each of the 10 Judge Websites
  • An announcement celebrating your win in an email to 50,000+ young adult readers
  • A commemorative book award shipped to you
  • Bragging rights


>>Click here to submit your book.<<


Who can submit?

Any author with an MG, YA or NA book suited to teens (main protagonist should be 12~19).

Why don’t you charge?

Because most “book award” or writing competitions are for-profit and prey on the hopes of desperate authors. Our readers are bestselling authors and YA book bloggers who want to give back to the community and use their platforms to get more visibility for previously undiscovered works of greatness.

Can you help me write a book?
No – though we are working on a writing course for YA fiction. We may give you some free feedback or suggestions, if you want it, but we won’t try to pitch you an expensive editing or publishing package (we do have suggestions though, if you need them).

What are the judging criteria?

We believe good books should be easy to read – if your book doesn’t hold our attention, if it feels tedious or dull, we’ll move on. Our readers aren’t getting paid, so we don’t require them to read the WHOLE book. Just like traditional agents or publishers, if we get bored in chapter one, the book will go in the reject pile (unlike them, however, your book will get reviewed by at least 5 people before that happens).

We won’t give extra points for purple prose or beautiful writing if you can’t hook us into the story.

That said, if two books are neck-and-neck with great stories, then beautiful writing *might* help a little. The majority of bestselling YA is commercial, plot based fiction, and amateur writers sometimes obfuscate weak scenes with overwrought descriptions.

Members of AAYAA are allowed to join and submit their own books. Winners do not need to be AAYAA members. 

Submission requirements

Save your file as “Title-Author” and put the Title, Author Name, Genre and Description on a single-page cover letter at the beginning of the book. Then upload here and fill out the short form:

>Click here to submit your book.<<


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