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Young Adult Dystopian Survival Guide

Young Adult Dystopian Survival Guide

The plague has wiped out most of the world’s population. The government has fallen and a new totalitarian regime has taken its place. Or maybe emotions have been tampered with and love is forbidden. Whatever it may be, surviving in a young adult, dystopian world can be near to impossible. One thing is for certain, you need a guide to surviving and help to make the right choices.

Don’t worry, we’ve got all scenarios covered!



  • 1-loveWho needs a super-model brooding bad boy with the emotional IQ of a centipede? Much more practical to hook up with your best friend who tells side-splitting jokes while skinning rabbits. – Credit: Author Norma Hinkens
  • Is love an illegal emotion and you’ll be ostracized or murdered for feeling it? Don’t look at his abs. – Credit: Author Wendi L. Wilson
  • Forget love triangles! Find that Peeta-type guy who works at a stable job like a bakery and settle The bad boy will get you killed! – Credit: Author David R. Bernstein


  • 1-corruptAvoid the rebellion and find a quiet cabin deep in the woods. Live in peace while avoiding the responsibilities of becoming the last great hope for the world! – Credit: Author David R. Bernstein
  • If caught by the corrupt government, don’t fall for the hottest boy who is in charge of the rebels. Spread your affection to as many low-level officers as you can. Use their jealousy to create a diversion to escape! – Credit: Author David R. Bernstein
  • Is there a wall around your city? Or wild wastelands, supposedly peopled by degenerates? Not sure what the answer is to this one… Go play video games? – Credit: Author Robert L. Slater


  • 1-surviveForget the leather jacket! The future will be hot as hell! Stock up on a nice cotton blend shirts and tanks. Maybe a 50/50 polyester blend? – Credit: Author David R. Bernstein
  • Like all things colorful? Forget it. Tan, black, and few shades of gray (if they aren’t too crazy) are all you are allowed. That pop of red on an accessory? That could get you noticed and getting noticed means the Ultimate Supreme Leader is going to deem you enemy #1. – Credit: Author Jenetta Penner
  • Utility boots, not high heeled fashion boots! Every time you see a dead person on the side of the road, check their boot size and upgrade! – Credit: Author David R. Bernstein


  • Generic 1960s pic of a father and son scene.Have an original idea? Keep it to yourself, unless you feel qualified to lead an army at the tender age of sixteen. Go back to munching on some Soylent Green, fish on a stick or whatever nasty food is the local delicacy. – Credit: Author Jenetta Penner


  • 1-powersGenetic mutations got you feeling blue? Or subhuman? Or part techie-machine? You’re gonna wanna keep those eccentricities to yourself! Stay calm and normal… that is unless you’d like to attract national levels of attention or mentor several others like yourself that suddenly crawl out of the woodwork all while evading a power tripping tyrant or the generally suspicious public. Hang in there kiddo, these things usually work themselves out by the end of the third book. – Credit: Author Amanda Zieba
  • Should you suddenly discover through a mystical prophecy under a full moon that you are the illegitimate heir to the Southern hemisphere, avoid forcing a “Chosen One Superpower” medley on your subjects as the new national anthem. – Credit: Author Norma Hinkens
  • Does the color of your blood match that of the higher race and they’ll kill you if they found out? Stay away from scissors, knives, thorns, and paper.  – Credit: Author Wendi L. Wilson

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