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The Songweaver's Vow by Laura VanArendonk Baugh
Persistence of Frost: A Study In Magic Short by Chris Kim
Sanyare: The Last Descendant by Megan Haskell
Journey of Fire and Night by DK Holmberg
Fire and sword by Dylan Doose
Red Night by RK CLOSE
Hell's Calling by Skye MacKinnon
Heart of the Sea by Sela Carsen
Citrine's Monsters by Angela J. Ford
Unleash by Lauren Harris
Blood Song by Lindsey R Loucks
Heartwood by Nance Newman
Monsters & Mayhem by GK DeRosa
The Dragon Throne by Drake Mason
Of Trolls and Evil Things by Richard H. Stephens
Earth Shaker by Pauline Creeden
Doormaker: Rock Heaven (Book 1) by Jamie Thornton
The Witches of Hant Hollow by D.F. Jones
Born of Water: Elemental Magic & Epic Fantasy Adventure by Autumn M. Birt
The Darkness Within by E. M. Aguilar
Blackmark (The Kingsmen Chronicles #1) by Jean Lowe Carlson
Rhuna, Keeper of Wisdom by Barbara Underwood
Scales by Pauline Creeden
Maidens Wolf by Lisa Blackwood
Urban Epics (Starter Library) by Derek Murphy
The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles-One-The Cimaruta by Lady Ellen
Shades of Circle City by Stephanie A. Cain
The Witch's Kiss: The Everlasting Battle Between the Dark and the Light Side (Episodes 1&2) by Antara Mann
Duilleog by Donald D. Allan
Darkness Forged by Matt Larkin
Sanctuary of Dehlyn by Kathrin Hutson
$100 Amazon Credit by Derek Murphy
Code of Rainbow by Weiqi Wang
Fantasy Teasers by Drake Mason
Excalibur Rising Book One by Eileen Enwright Hodgetts
Bronze Dragon, A Riders of Fire prequel novelette by Eileen Mueller
The Flight of Torque by Rebecca Laffar-Smith
The Shadow Tribe: Book 1 (Parts 1-3) by Jaffrey Clark
Dark Covenant by Kit Hallows
Unweaving Chronicles by Sarah K. L. Wilson
The Princess and the Peacock by C. S. Johnson
Undead by Merrie Destefano
Grand Master's Pawn by Aurora Springer
Betrayal's Price by Lisa Blackwood
The Source of Magic by Drake Mason
Egyptian Cat Eye by DJ Shaw
Epiphany - THE GOLDING by Sonya Deanna Terry
The General's Legacy - Part One: Inheritance by Adrian G Hilder
Lions and Lies by Kim Faulks
The Jigsaw Blade (5 Chapter Sample) by Stevie Collier
Warden Fall by Jennifer M. Eaton
Unproven by Drew Briney
The Waterboy by Talena Winters
The Final Five by Carissa Andrews
Winter Princess by Skye MacKinnon
HERITAGE by Melle Amade
Lost Kingdom by J.H. Marcus
Descendant of The Dammed: A Dark Lighters Novelette by Destiny Hawkins
The Children of the Solstice by D. Alexander
Love Bites by TL Clark
The Letter Mage: The First Quarto by Alexandra Penn
Immortal Thunder: A Silas Bishop Supernatural Thriller by Matt Wellman
Trajectory by Carissa Andrews
Cambion by Stevie Collier
The Immortals by Alesha Escobar
Into the Mists: Into the Mists Trilogy Book One by Serene Conneeley
The Rise of the Ameedis (A Fantasy Prequel) by R.A. Lindo
A Whisper of Smoke by Melinda R. Cordell
Elijah Wadsworth and the Druid's Dance by Theophilus Monroe
Spirit Hunger by Ella J. Smyth
Girl of Glass by Megan O'Russell
Earthcore Book 1: RotoVegas by Grace Bridges
Wolves: I Bring the Fire Part I (A Loki Series) by C. Gockel
Lost by Ron Vitale
Persistence of Vision by Liesel K. Hill
Immortalis by G M Sherwin
Rise by Kate Leona
Carolyn's Turn: Making Witches of Salem by RE Bettencourt
Druidess by Theophilus Monroe
Eye Of The Storm by RK king
Journey to Aviad by Allison D. Reid
Silken Scales by Alex Hayes
Evolution Books 1-2 by Kelly Carrero
Innocence Lost by Patty Jansen
Behind Glass by Elle Scott
Cyrus LongBones and the Curse of the Sea Zombie by Jeremy Mathiesen
Trials of Magic (The Hundred Halls Vol.1) by Thomas K. Carpenter
The Sisters and the Sultan by Helena Rookwood
The Hatching by Liesel K. Hill
Roguelike by Paul Bellow
Daughter of the Drackan: Book One of Gyenona's Children by Kathrin Hutson
Vampires at Easter, Diary of a Snoopy Cat by R.F. Kristi
To Fashion a Dragon by Gary Darby
Blood of a Sultan by Fuad Baloch
Eternal Seas by Lexi Rees
Child of Water by Lela Grayce
Requiem for the Wolf by Tara Saunders
Oathbreaker by Aaron Hodges
Nightmare Plague by Thomas Green
Archangel's Kiss by Anna Santos
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