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The Best YA Books with Parallel Universes

Parallel universes figure a lot in many YA books, from romance, to fantasy, to science fiction. Here’s a list of some of the best YA books taking place in worlds with parallel universes!

A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

Marguerite Caine’s physicist parents are famous for their groundbreaking achievements – especially the Firebird, which allows people to jump into multiple universes. But when Marguerite’s father is murdered by his enigmatic assistant, Paul, Marguerite has to jump through different universes to follow Paul. She leaps into other versions of herself, but she also meets alternate versions of the people she knows – including Paul, whose life is closely entangled with her own. Soon, she realizes that the truth behind her father’s death is more sinister than she expected.

What do the readers say?
“A Thousand Pieces Of You by Claudia Gray is a new favorite. I would be proud to recommend it to any young adult reader. The end provides a surprising twist. The main character, Marguerite, wants to find out the truth about her father’s death and does this through her own cleverness. She faces her emotions, and is always brave. The author uses descriptive language to paint a realistic picture in this future world. In the end, we learn that the truth is not always what you expect.”huskyjake, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

Kell is one of the last Travelers – magicians who can travel between parallel worlds. He’s the official Red Traveler from the Maresh empire, and moves between the different Londons to carry correspondence between each London’s royal. He also has a secret – he’s a smuggler, and sneaks different items from different Londons to sell to interested buyers from different parallel universes. But his smuggling brings dangerous consequences, which intersects his path with Grey London’s cut-purse, Delilah Bard, who saves him from a deadly enemy and forces Kell to bring her to other Londons. All the worlds are in danger, and it’s up to Kell to save them – but first, the two of them have to stay alive.

What do the readers say?
“The characters are complex, interesting, and unique… The details that may have slipped past you come back. Very few writers get that kind of “something from the ending makes sense in regard to the something you didn’t pay attention to” right. Schwab does it fantastically. Further, the book is fun to read. The dialogue and narration are rich and at times, despite the suspense, even funny.” – A.S., Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]

Split Second by Kasie West

Addie has always had the ability to see the future when she’s faced with a choice, but that doesn’t mean her present is any easier. Her boyfriend used her and her best friend betrayed her, and Addie takes a chance to escape when her father invites her to spend the winter break with him in the Norm world. There, she meets the handsome and familiar Trevor, who’s a stranger to her – so she doesn’t understand why her heart flips when she sees him. But he witnesses secrets that are supposed to stay hidden, and Trevor becomes more suspicious of Addie. Laila, Addie’s best friend, can restore Addie’s memories, meanwhile – but she has to lern how, first. And there are powerful people who don’t want this to happen. So Laila’s desperation forces her to manipulate Connor, a bad boy from school – but he’s the only one who’s immune to her charms. And the only one who can help her.

What do the readers say?
“I enjoyed Split Second and the fact that it gave me some closure as to what would happen with Addie after she chose her path and lost the memories of her Search in book one. She obtained new powers and connected with family members, while also uncovering secrets within her Compound. Her best friend learned a lot about the Compound and gained a sense of empathy and compassion after connecting with a boy named Connor, who had memories that couldn’t be erased. Each character grew immensely and had to face major conflicts.”Megan, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]

Catori’s Worlds by Murielle Cyr

Catori’s a loner with mismatched eyes who hates school and everyone there. She sees things no one else could, and that makes her an oddball. When she boards the wrong bus to school one morning, she enters a parallel world and has to figure out the way back on her own. But evil forces in this parallel world are hunting her down, without any intention of letting her out live. The only thing she can do is trust and follow Miren, a girl she meets in the public restrooms, who brings her to Otsoa, the only boy Catori’s ever fallen in love with. Torn between loyalties and facing a big battle for her own life, Catori must learn how to confront these powerful forces, while confronting herself.

What do the readers say?
“Catori’s world is a fast-moving, entertaining read that gives an important message: we are all connected to the world we live in and interconnected to the worlds that surround us. We rely on all things as all things rely upon us and because of this, true courage and strength is only as far away as the quiet we can find in ourselves.” – MissAnthrope, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]

Ask Again Later by Liz Czukas

Heart LaCouer has never been interested in messy high-school romance. That’s why she’s decided to go to prom with a group of single friends, to avoid some prom angst. But two prom invites derail her brilliant plan, and the only thing Heart can do to solve the problem is to flip a coin – but it somehow gives her the chance to live out both prom nights.

What do the readers say?
“Entertaining story of two prom dates, neither of which are the right match for Heart. Heart avoids relationships and approaches her dilemma of two dates to the prom with a coin toss, all the while her true romance is just around the corner.”S.T., Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]

Silhouette by Elissa Riley

In the dark woods, Leira Sky mourns the death of her mother, and the only company she has are the trees that surround her. But the trees begin to change when they are alerted by Tristan Harper, a peculiar boy who propells Leila into a strange new world. With bizarre bark-covered cretures, invisible beasts, and a demented powerful king who thirsts for foreign blood, the new world is a sinister one. And Leira knows that it’s too late to undo what she’s done, and that she and Tristan have to race against time to see if love is enough to change their fate.

What do the readers say?
“It kept my interest and I wanted to see what happened. It is a quick read, but I wanted more. I did feel like the end wrapped up super quick and could have been more thorough. The love story between the two main characters is sweet and avoids gloomy angst. ” – KatiePinkWrites, Amazon user. [Review from Amazon]

Dissonance by Erica O’Rourke

Delancey knows that there’s more than one universe – because every time someone makes a choice, a new, parallel world shoots off from the existing one. Del knows about this because she’s a Walker, someone who can navigate between worlds, and it’s her job to keep the dimensions in harmony. But Del’s decisions have consequences, too. SHe’s forbidden from Walking after a training session goes horribly wrong, but she secretly starts to investigate the other dissonant worlds anyway. She’s especially intrigued by the echo versions of Simon Lane, a guy whou wouldn’t give her the time of day in the main world but whose alternate selves are uniquely interested. But falling for Simon draws Del closer to a truth that the Council of Walkers is trying to hide – a secret that threatens the fate of the entire multiverse.

What do the readers say?

“I absolutely LOVED this book!!! I already knew going in that I’d love the writing, having read some of her books before, and I wasn’t disappointed.” – The Quoted PageAmazon reviewer [Review from Amazon]

False Future by Dan Krokos

True Earth has returned during a massive snowstorn in Manhattan – and this time they have an army. Rhys, Noble, Sophia, and Peter know they don’t stand a chance against the enemy without Miranda. Once they revive her, though, she’s horrified to find her world in flames. The enemy occupation is bruta, but the director promises to release her hold on the city if Mr. East is turned in, nd Miranda and her team are determined to find him. With her grief over the losses she has suffered fueling her spirit, Miranda knows that this time the sacrifices have to be worth it. 

What do the readers say?

“I love Dan Krokos’s work (this guy does action and twisty plots SO well!), and the third installment in the False Memory series does NOT disappoint.” – SusanAmazon reviewer. [Review from Amazon]

The Luthier’s Apprentice by Mayra Calvani

Niccolò Paganini was one of the greatest violinists who ever lived, and rumored to have made a pact with the devil. His powers have somehow transferred to another. When violinists around the world suddenly start mysteriously vanishing, 16-year-old Emma Braun takes notice. When her own beloved violin teacher disappears, Emma takes charge. With the help of gorgeous Sherlock Holmes fanatic, Corey Fletcher, Emma discovers a parallel world ruled by an ex-violinist turned evil sorceress, who wants to rule the music world on her own terms. But there’s a catch – only men violinists are captured, and not women. And there seems to be a connection between Emma’s family, the sorceress, and the infamous Paganini. It’s up to Emma to unrael the mystery and to save her teacher from the fatal destiny that awaits him.

What do the readers say?

“I can honestly say that I was definitely trying to find anything at all to critique about this book. But, much to my very pleasant surprise, I could not find one thing. I absolutely loved it, and was very excited hear that this will only be the beginning for Emma. This book was wonderfully written and had such musicality to it.” – Kayla WestAmazon reviewer. [Review from Amazon]

Murderess by Daya Marnin

Lu Killer never wondered if her name was strange. She didn’t know that her ancestors fought ferociously against the royal family for generations, or that her family lived in a completely different world called Greywall’d. At sixteen years old, all Lu really cared for was listening to her own music and being left to her own devices, when she could truly feel at peace. But the arrival of a young boy with a hat, falling from the sky and into her train, changes all of that.

What do the readers say?

“Whoa! I cannot believe this was written by a sixteen-year-old. Daya Marnin’s first book in The Exiles of Greywall’d Saga ROCKS! I can’t wait to read the second book. Move over, Harry Potter. ;)” – MichelleAmazon reviewer. [Review from Amazon]

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth.

What do the readers say?

“I had this book in my wishlist for a really long time when I finally decided to buy it yesterday. I couldn’t put it down the moment I started. I finished it in one day. The story itself was incredible but the writing was out of this world. It was truly incredible. I haven’t sobbed that hard at a book in a very very very long time.” – Chels.Amazon reviewer. [Review from Amazon]

Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini

Lily Proctor’s life-threatening allergies make it difficult for her to live a normal life, and after a completely humiliating incident ruins her first real party, she’s ready to disappear. Suddenly, she finds herself in a different Salem – one overrun with horrifying creatures and ruled by powerful women. Like Lillian, that world’s version of Lily. Everything that made Lily weak at home makes her extraordinary here. It also puts her in terrible danger. Faced with new responsibilities she can barely understand and a love she never expected, Lily is faced with the question of how she can be the savior of this world, when she’s her own worst enemy.

What do the readers say?

“Why you should read it: This is one of the best books I’ve read this year. It has everything a book should have: action, adventure, violence, a butt-kicking heroine and one hot hero. Lily is such a cool heroine.” – Jessie PottsAmazon reviewer. [Review from Amazon]


The Departure by Brian Alexander McCullough

A hike. A portal. A journey. It was time. She retreated to her position directly in front of the archway feeling the immense void of the light’s source drawing her toward its opening, filling her with an almost physical compulsion to step inside. The voices! Closer now! With little time to think, her mind formed a picture of her mother looking back at her, smiling. “Oh, what the hell!” Brian McCullough’s On the Edge of Now, Book I—The Departure, the first in a six-book series, transports readers to a parallel realm mirroring Tag’s own existence—but things aren’t the same. Cities look like his with only slight nuances to buildings and culture—until, that is, he finds himself immersed in a universe ruled by those who crave unity. And, power.

What do the readers say?

“If you like books such as the Divergent series and other adventure science fiction of this kind, this will be perfect for you. Great author with an intriguing imagination, I look forward to reading more from him!” – debkrahn, Amazon reviewer. [Review from Amazon]

Parallel by Lauren Miller

Abby Barnes’ life has been carefully planned out, from high school to college to her chosen future career. But one decision in her senior year of high school changed everything. When Abby wakes up the morning of her eighteenth birthday, it’s as if her past has been rewritten. She discovers that a cosmic collision of parallel universes has erased her old reality, and now she’s falling in love with a boy from her Parallel’s memories – a boy she’s never even met. Abby’s living the life she always wanted, but what if living her Parallel’s life means she loses her soul mate?

What do the readers say?

“I liked this book a lot. It makes you think about all the decisions in your life and how it would have made you life different. The main character was relatable and made me think of myself in that I like having plans for my life and not having everything up in the air.” – abous, Amazon reviewer. [Review from Amazon]


Orenda by Ruth Silver

The world Lil thought she knew collides into a world of dark forces and magical creaturers, transporting her to the strange world of Orenda. Lil is stunned and terrified, and more so when she comes face to face with her doppelganger, Willow, who possesses the ability to travel between the two worlds. Everything Lil knows logically says that Orenda can’t exist, but there’s proof that tells her that Orenda isn’t just an ordinary dream. With the threat of her sister in danger, Lil crosses dimensions, but it may cost her more than she bargained for.

What do the readers say?

“This is a very good book. It is a young adult book but I think that any one who enjoys this kind of book then will enjoy this one. There is action, friendships, mystery, magic and love. So get you a copy and enjoy reading.” – Kindle CustomerAmazon reviewer. [Review from Amazon]

Into the Parallel by Robin Brande

Audie Masters is a high school senior and an amateur physicist, and has discovered what no other physicist has been able to prove: that parallel universes do exist. There’s a way to journey into them, but going there has consequences. For Audie, it’s seeing how the parallel universe of herself is living, leading a life that Audie could never have imagined for herself. Now Audie is living that ssame life, full of adventure and romance and reality-bending science. It’s the perfect life, more than she could have hoped for – until something goes wrong.

What do the readers say?

“In spite of the fact that I am far from being a young adult, I loved this book! The science is fascinating and makes me want to learn more about it. The characters were well written, true to life, and fun. I loved the differences between Audie and Hallie.” – RochelleAmazon reviewer. [Review from Amazon]

Relativity by Cristin Bishara

If Ruby Wright could have her way, her dad would never have met and married her stepmother Willow, her best friend George would be more than a friend, and her mom would still be alive. Ruby knows wishes can’t come true; some things just can’t be undone. Then she discovers a tree in the middle of an Ohio cornfield with a wormhole to nine alternative realities. Suddenly, Ruby can access completely different realities, each containing variations of her life-if things had gone differently at key moments. The windshield wiper missing her mother’s throat…her big brother surviving his ill-fated birth…her father never having met Willow. Her ideal world-one with everything and everyone she wants most-could be within reach. But is there such a thing as a perfect world? What is Ruby willing to give up to find out?

What do the readers say?

“The main character, Ruby, is a deftly drawn “science geek,” but thoroughly likeable and attractive – just ask her boyfriend! I hope to see more like Ruby, smart, and ultimately capable of growing into life’s demands for change.” – Judy JayAmazon reviewer. [Review from Amazon]

Undercurrent by Paul Blackwell

Callum Harris’s parents were separated, but after taking a plummet over a waterfall, he wakes up in a world that’s completely different from the one he knew. His parents are together now. His brother Cole is paralyzed instead of being a sports star. And Callum, who’s supposed to be quiet and unpopular, is a jock, with two hot girls chasing him. But there’s one difference that matters more than all the others combined – his former best friend wants him dead. And he’s not the only one who wants this.

What do the readers say?

“This is great book that is interesting with it’s perplexing story. The author does a great job finding a different topic for a teen book that’s doesn’t involve the end of the world or vampires.” – MomMunroAmazon reviewer. [Review from Amazon]

Tandem by Anna Jarzab

Sixteen-year-old Sasha Lawson has only ever known one small, ordinary life. When she was young, she loved her grandfather’s stories of parallel worlds, inhabited by girls who looked like her but led totally different lives. Sasha never believed such worlds were real—until now, when she finds herself thrust into one against her will. To prevent imminent war, Sasha must slip into the life of an alternate version of herself, a princess who has vanished on the eve of her arranged marriage. If Sasha succeeds in fooling everyone, she will be returned home; if she fails, she’ll be trapped in another girl’s life forever. As time runs out, Sasha finds herself torn between two worlds, two lives, and two young men vying for her love—one who knows her secret, and one who believes she’s someone she’s not.  

What do the readers say?

“LOVED every page. Thomas is my ideal hero. GREAT romance. GREAT action. Could not put this book down and am racing to read Book 2.” – Holly SlusserAmazon reviewer. [Review from Amazon]

Paradox Love by Dorothy Gravelle

Grace and Luke are among the lucky few who find love early in life. At seventeen, both are equally certain that their love will last a lifetime. But when that love is cut short by forces beyond their control, Grace must answer the question of just how far she is willing to go to get back to Luke. But this is not the typical romantic tale. And just when you think you know where the story is going, you find yourself drawn into a whole new reality, where the fate of an entire world rests upon the choices of this one girl. 

What do the readers say?

“What an amazing story! It is filled with twists and turns so very unexpected. The characters are believable and lovable.” – darswordsAmazon reviewer. [Review from Amazon]

Broken Symmetry by Dan Rix

Sixteen-year-old Blaire Adams can walk through mirrorss. It’s called breaking symmetry, and it allows her to reach through mirrors and step inside. On the other side, she lives every teenager’s fantasy: a universe all her own, with zero consequences. She can kiss the hot guy and break into mansions. She can even kill. And when she’s done, all she needs to do is step back out. But it’s a dangerous thing, breaking symmetry – it degrades her body and makes a new copy of her each time. There’s also the risk of getting cut off from reality. When she narrowly escapes a military quarantine zone with the San Diego Police Department discovering her escape through a mirror, her worst fear is realized. Now Blaire is trapped in a broken reflection and must flee through a mind-bending maze of mirrors, going deeper into the nightmare as she struggles to grasp a betrayal, uncover the truth about her ability, and find a way out of a dead-end universe that “never happened.”

What do the readers say?

“This is one of those stay up all night books- you just can’t put it down! From the beginning, the author draws you into a totally believable scenario where you can go from one world to the next and enter an altered world where things seem the same on the outside but can quickly go awry.” – caly603Amazon reviewer. [Review from Amazon]

Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris

Unraveling’s heroine, seventeen-year-old Janelle Tenner, is used to having a lot of responsibility. She balances working as a lifeguard in San Diego with an intense academic schedule. Janelle’s mother is bipolar, and her dad is a workaholic FBI agent, which means Janelle also has to look out for her younger brother. And that was before she died…and is brought back to life by Ben Michaels, a mysterious, alluring loner from her high school. The more Janelle tries to figure him out, the more she starts to believe he’s connected to a case her father is working on. The one where people are dying of radiation poisoning and the body count is rising. The one that involves a strange clock that seems to be counting down to the earth’s destruction. If Janelle wants to stop the clock and save the world, she has twenty-four days to uncover Ben’s secrets–and keep from falling in love with him.

What do the readers say?

“Oh, where to begin? There is so much awesomeness in this story, it’s hard to know what praises to sing first. Do I talk about the characters? The gripping storyline? The romance or the sci-fi elements? Gahhh, how is a girl supposed to choose?!?!” – Rabid ReadingAmazon reviewer. [Review from Amazon]

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